Friday, February 11, 2011

Go Team!

                                  I, Gasthof, have become the mascot for "Team Kremer"...

                                 parents just don't know it yet.

I love my cozy bed!
Because of the weather they stay inside more, which means that I get the WHOLE backyard to myself. I can get away with playing with all the sticks I want, running along the fence saying hi to the other dogs, chasing squirrels, making new tracks, and taking care of business wherever I want. I also can play in my cool fort underneath the deck where dad put fallen tree branches last fall. And when I get tired and want to come inside, I get to sleep on a comfy, warm bed. I am a happy puppy.

Everything was going well; I ruled the backyard....

.....but then today mom came outside to play with me.

I wagged my tail a bunch trying to look cute, and ran around the yard, making sure not to jump on her. I was on my best behavior...and I think it worked. She didn't peek under the deck into my fort or scold me about the messes I have made in the yard. And when I sat down to play with a stick, she got bored with me and went inside. Freedom! It was back to playing under the deck. I can outsmart my parents :) Because I am smart, cute, and fast, I should be the mascot for Team Kremer. I wonder if as the mascot I get more treats....

Well, gotta run! Dad just came home and I overheard mom saying that we were going for a walk. I don't want to get my hopes up...I haven't gone on a walk since last month! Talk to you later!


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