Friday, July 12, 2013

10 months

Freyja will be turning 11 months next week, so it's a perfect time for an update about how she is at 10 months. At first I planned to write her monthly updates at the beginning of each new month, but I think it makes sense to write about it as a reflection on the past month--if that makes sense. When Nick and I were on our way home from Brainerd last weekend, we came up with a number of "things about Freyja." Instead of writing it in a story format, we made a list. It's a long update, but I remind myself I write this for me to look back on not for others. So even if no one reads it, I don't mind one bit! For those who don't want to read it all, here's a synopsis over the past month: We are doing well, we are keeping busy, and we love Freyja to pieces! She is growing and getting closer to walking. I miss her at work but enjoy interacting with adults too and working as a nurse. There is never enough time to get everything done or see everyone I want to see, but I bet that's true of many people! As my mother and mother-in-law say, you can't do it all. They are wise women. I have a wonderful family and am so blessed! I plan to add pictures soon as well--and soon they should be better quality as I not only have my cell phone to take pictures but also my mom's camera that she is lending me. Freyja at 10 months... 1. Went on her first boat ride 2. First time on a tractor 3. Crawled up stairs (with supervision of course!) 4. Can say "hi" while waving 5. Overall is sleeping better--including earlier bedtime, sleeping longer between waking up, some nights sleeps 8 pm to 6 am without crying out. 6. Still just has two bottom front teeth 7. More difficult to change her diaper or clothes as she wants to move around--doesn't like lying on her back on the changing table or ground. It is sometimes just easier having Nick & me both change her--one to distract her! 8. Has been overall healthy, but recently she developed a topical skin (yeast) infection--late June, a start of an ear infection this past weekend, and fell backwards and hit her head hard at daycare (which ended up with a trip to the ER the following day to check for retinal detachment. Thankfully all was fine!) 9. Has tried more foods...will eat anything I give her except recently will not eat watermelon or sliced apricots or peaches (she puts them in her mouth then spits them out. 10. Loves the water. First time at a beach/lake and a public pool ("splash pad" at Wabun Park in Minneapolis) 11. Sleeps with a light blanket and stuffed animal or doll--yes, I know it goes against recommendation to wait till 1 year, but it really seems to help her sleep better. Just imagine sleeping with no covers :) 12. Moved to an earlier bedtime and many days just has two naps instead of three. Often wakes up between 6 & 7:30 am, first nap starts between 9 & 10am and second nap starts between 11:30 am & 1:00 pm. 13. Keeps glasses on longer, except when tired. Recently the frame/ear pieces seem small so we will bring them in to get re-sized. 14. Loves to walk along couch or chairs without assistance, can stand unassisted for brief time (probably has ability to stand longer but wants to go, go, go! --rarely holds still for long. 15. Still does great with drop offs at daycare-no crying when Emily leaves her there in morning 16. Gets excited when Nick or I pick her up after work...crawls to us excitedly (I do about 90% of drop offs/pick ups since close to my work) 17. Uses a sippy cup for breast milk at daycare (prefers it cold) and drinks some water too. DOesn't want to drink out of a bottle & she prefers sippy cup of milk with food/at meal or snack time at daycare. 18. Has taken naps and slept overnight in pack and play. Doesn't sleep as well as she does at home, but not too bad either! 19. Can throw a ball a short distance. She plays catch/fetch better than Gasthof already!! :) 20. She is "Busy busy!" as many people say. 21. Still likes to clap, will do it with music or with praise. If I say, "Freyja, can you clap?" and she is paying attention & in the right mood, she will do it. Same with "Freyja, can you wave?" she will wave. 22. Uses pacifier with naps and at bedtime for soothing, and sometimes in between--especially at large social gatherings, it is calming for her. I said it's like how adults sometimes drink alcohol in social situations, she likes to use her pacifier! 23. She is very social and warms up to people pretty quickly. I call her a "social butterfly" and a ham. 24. Will mimic certain words/sounds/tones. 25. Likes dogs and met her first cat. Likes to pet them. Tries to say dog--either "da" or recently "ga" when she sees Gasthof, and in between. When she is practicing something, she does it a lot. 26. When I say "Mama" she often says "Nay Nay." but will say "Dada" to Nick. It seems easier to say :) 27. Likes to laugh when people talk to her, often a "ha ha" (louder, lower sound) than a high pitched squeal or giggle--that happens when daddy plays with her & lightly tosses her in the air and catches her. 28. Still sticks out her tongue some but less than before 29. Still has blue eyes. 30. Hair sometimes has reddish tint but more light brown. Getting more hair in the back of her head (maybe since she sleeps on the back of her head less than usual--now the side of her head has less hair. Sleeps more often on her stomach (with her butt in the air, often at side or corner of the crib) or her side than on her back. 31. Likes to snuggle with her blanket 32. Fingernails grow super fast but it's hard to get her to hold still so I can clip them 33. Weighed about 18.3 lbs at 10 months, 8.6 kg at ER visit 7/11/13. 34. Still breastfeeding, I am pumping once per day at work. Not sure for how long, but no plans on stopping when she turns 12 months. I am sick of people asking me not to breastfeed till she is x age. I don't plan to breastfeed till she is a preschooler, but I don't need to tell everyone how long I plan to and it's no one else's concern. She likes to breastfeed, it's healthy for her, so I don't feel the need to have a plan that I will stop when she is x age/months. I will know when she is ready to wean and I will go with that. Just a pet peeve of mine recently. I don't mind when people ask out of curiosity, more that I mind when people tell me NOT to breastfeed her till she is 3, or tell me that I can stop when she is 12 months old. Now you know. :)