Tuesday, January 21, 2014

September 2013 Recap

I haven't written in this for a while. I'm a little rusty, but like I tell myself to do with working out, I have to just jump back into it! I was tempted to start off saying it's been a busy few months, but when isn't it? :)

Here's looking back at the past 4 months, starting with September....

Freyja turned 13 months in September 2013 and continued to get better at walking. Our dog, Gasthof, didn't know what to think when suddenly he was the only one in the house walking on all fours. She has been wearing size 12 months and has been hovering around the 50th percentile.

We headed up to Camp du Nord just outside of Ely, MN, to partake in the wedding festivities of our friends Julie Ann and Dan. They had a beautiful ceremony and delicious food in the Northwoods, and we enjoyed catching up with friends over the wedding weekend. Freyja also had fun spending time with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Brian, and Grandma Deb and Grandpa Randy. While she went to the beach for the first time earlier in the summer, this weekend was the first time she walked on the sand without holding my hand. She is a very happy girl!

I had a nice time with friends making a painting at a Wine and Canvas event. With the busyness of work and family, sometimes I go a while between seeing people, but I always enjoy catching up and spending time with friends. If only we had 3-day work weeks and could afford our lifestyle, but it's just not realistic!

Nick enjoyed getting a guy's weekend away down in Texas to watch car racing. I ended up getting a lot of cleaning done around the house while still enjoying my one-on-one time with Freyja. The weather made it easy to go for walks in our neighborhood.

October 2013 Recap

It's January 21, 2014 and I finally am getting around to recapping the past 4 months...

In October, Freyja turned 14 months and enjoyed all the new things to explore that comes with walking. She took her first steps at 11 months but it took several months to get more steady on her feet. As a family, we enjoyed the nice weather--going for walks and runs around the pond and eating dinner on our deck, We have really appreciated having a nice patio set from our parents. 
Going for a walk around the pond
We had some great weather in late September & early October
Freyja saw her first steam engine take off early one Saturday morning, and another Saturday in October she visited her first apple orchard. She even got to try a kid-size apple (crab apple) & she loved being able to hold it herself and take bites without having to cut it into pieces. 
Watching the steam engine depart

Freyja's daycare was closed on a Friday in mid-October, so my friend and I brought our daughters down to Northfield. 

Freyja had her first taste of Indian food, and then we visited my Alma Mater, St Olaf College. The girls had fun playing in the leaves and "talking" on our phones. On the drive out of Northfield, we made a quick stop for apple mini donuts and fudge at an apple orchard. 

At the end of the month, Freyja dressed up as a little 70s girl with her "twin" and the girls went to two houses to "trick-or-treat." They didn't know what was going on, but they liked the Jack 'O lanterns and the wrapped pieces of candy.

Being goofy

Partaking in the tradition of passing the boot

Whoever finishes the boot buys the next drink

Nick partaking in the tradition

And Julie passed the boot too!

Freyja got to spend time with grandparents while Nick & I enjoyed some great date nights, including a few parties and Octoberfest at Gasthof's in NE Minneapolis (where we met in June 2009). 

She was curious about the hay stacks
Freyja didn't get to explore this train set for long as there were a lot of elementary-aged kids who were oblivious to her and climbing all over. She's still too little to get let loose!

She loved the pumpkins!
"Mom, why can't I pick this one up?"
Papa and Freyja...my blue-eyed loves!

She's a natural!
She found her perfect-sized apple

She loved exploring the orchard
The girls got lots of attention from others walking on the main street of Northfield

A beautiful fall day at St Olaf

It's fun to play with mom's phone...

Halloween 2013
Checking out the Jack-O-lantern

Best friends!
Heading to their first house...they were getting tired!