Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Freyja is 20 months old

Freyja started saying her name a few months ago, but just recently has been saying it when SHE wants to do something (like put on her pants, play with the bubbles, etc)...not in a "this is Freyja's toy" sort of way, but in a "Freyja wants to try this" sort of way. She will grab the pants and say Freyja, then try to put them on herself.

Freyja on Easter at 20 months old (4/20/14)

For comparison, Freyja at 12 months old (8/15/13)
When she gets stuck she will say "help," so she doesn't seem to get discouraged. When she was 19 months old, she could say about 50 words (I counted!). Now, at 20 months, she is getting better at imitating words--even ones she just hears for the first time, whereas before, most of the words she said were ones we said on a regular basis. She definitely has opinions on what she does and doesn't want, but can't always vocalize it so that we can understand. However, I often guess--and even if I may not be right, at least it usually does the trick. She likes to say "all done" when she clearly doesn't want to be doing what we are doing, such as riding in the car or in the stroller (when she wants to get out). In the past 1-2 months she also tries to avoid getting her diaper changed and clothes changed...so last night I decided to use a trick I read about for when toddlers go to the doctor's office. I told Freyja that I would be changing the baby's diaper...and then I proceeded to put a clean diaper on one of her baby dolls. Then I said it was Freyja's turn. So while Nick changed Freyja's diaper, I talked about the baby's diaper. I then put pants on the doll while Nick put PJs on Freyja. It didn't work flawlessly, but it certainly helped!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Toddler "Throne"

Asking for a "wipe"
Written March 19, 2014:
Those who are parents can possibly relate more, but guess what is one of Freyja's new favorite toys?

The potty!

She hasn't gone yet, but she showed interest in trying to sit on our toilet, so I got out the toddler sized one for her to try. Sure enough, she didn't go to the bathroom but she got on and off, opened and closed the toilet seat, tried to "wipe", said all done and waved good bye to the toilet like she does when we flush the pee down the toilet. She did this routine for as long as I let her (twenty minutes) & now we are getting ready for bed.
She loves to try to help with getting dressed and especially loves shoes and boots. As I child I wasn't big on dress up and shoes, so I think this is part of Nick's genes!

We are in no rush to start potty training. Our main goal is for her to feel comfortable in the bathroom and with sitting on the toilet. We definitely don't want to shame her, so we are just being positive...if she wants to sit and try--great--if not, no big deal. When we have let Freyja run around without a diaper, occasionally she has peed on the floor. She got upset about this (whining and pointing at it), but we just acted like it's not a big deal, and she was comforted by that. It's great how kids can really follow your lead!

 I debated whether or not to post pictures to go along with it, but I decided they are discreet enough. It's these sweet, innocent moments of toddlerhood that I love, and pictures are the best way to capture some moments! I think if Freyja sees this picture 15 years from now, she will agree. After all, she is a mix of Nick and me!
UPDATE (4/13/14): Freyja still likes to sit on the potty, but is less excited by it. She hasn't yet gone to the bathroom on it, so I don't think she understands to sit on the toilet when she has to go. She changes so fast, so we will see what the spring brings!


Saying "bye bye" (although she didn't go!)

January 2014 recap

January was a very full month!

Nick and I both worked on New Years' Eve, but after work Nick went to a friend's house and I went with Freyja to my parents' house. I enjoyed having dinner with my parents' friends, and then putting Freyja to bed before meeting up with Nick. The clock struck midnight as we were on our way to the second of two parties for the night; while I am one for tradition in some cases, I don't mind missing the ball dropping in Time's Square. I couldn't stay up as late as some other friends (many of whom don't have kids), but I ended up sleeping from 2:30 am until 4:30 pm and it had nothing to do with drinking (I had one drink the entire night). I think my body was just fighting something.

The first weekend in January, my friend Laura & I took the girls to an indoor playground nearby. It was a nice way for them to run around despite the cold weather! (See pictures below)

On January 6, Freyja's daycare was closed because of record low temperatures (Mark Dayton closed all MN schools). Then the following day Freyja sounded wheezy and had a barking cough (like a seal) so my mom helped and brought her to the doctor as I didn't have any vacation time accrued from when I was sick a few times in November and December. I had a busy morning calling the pediatrician and teaching my mom how to use the car seat (the harness got stuck and wasn't adjusting),but was so thankful my mom could help out. I love our pediatrician's office. It seems like when she gets sick it comes in clumps, and it's hard to tell if it's treatable but they never make me feel bad for bringing her in. On Tuesday she got an intramuscular injection of dexamethasone (steroid) for the croup and antibiotics for the ear infection, and she got enough better to bring her to daycare on Thursday. However, by the end of the day she was congested and still coughing, so I called the pediatrician's office, Nick brought her back to the doctor and they started her on an oral steroid (prednisolone). Because she was doing better on Friday, we let Freyja stay with Nick's dad, step-mom, and sister while we went to work and then to a friend's wedding. The following day we stopped by for an hour at my work party in downtown Minneapolis, and then on Sunday we took it easy and relaxed at home.

The next weekend we went to Jackie & Nick Wilkie's wedding in downtown Minneapolis. It was a wonderful celebration of a great couple. I am also friends with Jackie's twin sister, Becky, so it was great to see her as she was in town from Montana. She is doing a doctoral program out in Bozeman.

Our Christmas gift from my parents was a family ski weekend as there weren't enough people able to go on the annual winter ski weekend at Camp du Nord. On January 18-19 we went to Duluth with my parents and Brian & Michelle. It was nice to use my downhill skis again, as I hadn't gone downhill skiing since before I was pregnant with Freyja!

The last weekend in January, I had a fun time with "Girl's Night" at our house. It is always good to catch up with friends. I am so lucky to know so many wonderful people.

It's hard to get her to look at the camera :)

The ball pit!

They really liked these "cars"

"Fixing" the cars. This gave me a chuckle

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Time for a water break!"

We taught the girls how to "cheers"

Nick waiting for his bride!

Lovely ladies!

Some of the handsome men

Our lovely table

Becky and me!


We picked up Freyja the day after the wedding

Freyja got to play with Grandma Lisa, Grandpa Mark, and Aunt Victoria

A little blurry--but this is Freyja's first picture she took with the camera
Going for a walk with Grandpa Randy

Outside the cabin

Freyja about to go on a sled for the first time

Duluth, MN

A quick ski before dinner

Freyja liked playing on the hide-a-bed sofa


She wanted to try on Grandma's boots

December 2013 Recap

December 2013

Freyja turned 16 months and transitioned to the toddler room at daycare. She now takes just one long nap on a cot in the afternoon, usually 1-3 pm (sometimes this varies on the weekends, but we try to keep it pretty close). 

She eats at a kids' table rather than a highchair and she still uses a sippy cup, but is working on an open cup at times. She uses a pacifier and cuddles with a blanket when she sleeps, and does great.

I love her soft, cute stuffed animals, but she doesn't seem to notice them much yet. I'm sure this will change soon if she's anything like I was as a child. 

Since she was an August baby, I loved having a bunch of Aiden and Anais blankets-they were great for the summer weather and super handy...and now they make great cuddle blankets. I like that she doesn't have one favorite one so they are interchangeable. She also has 3 soft fuzzy fleece blanket that she got as gifts, which has worked out perfectly--she has one at daycare for covering her at nap time, one in the car, and one in her crib.

We had a wonderful time at Christmas celebrating with family. We got together with my parents the weekend before, with Nick's mom on Christmas Eve, and with Nick's dad, stepmom, and sister on Christmas day, along with the extended family out in Hutchinson. You can never have too much family to love!

Uncle Brian & Aunt Michelle

Freyja enjoying her new blocks!

Freyja and Aunt Michelle

"I'm getting so big!"

A rare photo of mama & Freyja

Opening her big present--an art easel


Exploring the house

Freyja had her first Christmas tree ice cream treat...I remember having these as a kid!

Freyja & grandpa Randy

Christmas Eve from L to R: Melanie, Kaiyla, Nick, Emily, Freyja, Jake, Charlotte, & Jeff

Christmas Eve at Grandma Melanie & Jeff's house

Signed U of M hockey stick from Uncle Jake


Grandma Melanie & Freyja

Being goofy!

Freyja loves her uncles!


Our family of 3