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December 2013 Recap

December 2013

Freyja turned 16 months and transitioned to the toddler room at daycare. She now takes just one long nap on a cot in the afternoon, usually 1-3 pm (sometimes this varies on the weekends, but we try to keep it pretty close). 

She eats at a kids' table rather than a highchair and she still uses a sippy cup, but is working on an open cup at times. She uses a pacifier and cuddles with a blanket when she sleeps, and does great.

I love her soft, cute stuffed animals, but she doesn't seem to notice them much yet. I'm sure this will change soon if she's anything like I was as a child. 

Since she was an August baby, I loved having a bunch of Aiden and Anais blankets-they were great for the summer weather and super handy...and now they make great cuddle blankets. I like that she doesn't have one favorite one so they are interchangeable. She also has 3 soft fuzzy fleece blanket that she got as gifts, which has worked out perfectly--she has one at daycare for covering her at nap time, one in the car, and one in her crib.

We had a wonderful time at Christmas celebrating with family. We got together with my parents the weekend before, with Nick's mom on Christmas Eve, and with Nick's dad, stepmom, and sister on Christmas day, along with the extended family out in Hutchinson. You can never have too much family to love!

Uncle Brian & Aunt Michelle

Freyja enjoying her new blocks!

Freyja and Aunt Michelle

"I'm getting so big!"

A rare photo of mama & Freyja

Opening her big present--an art easel


Exploring the house

Freyja had her first Christmas tree ice cream treat...I remember having these as a kid!

Freyja & grandpa Randy

Christmas Eve from L to R: Melanie, Kaiyla, Nick, Emily, Freyja, Jake, Charlotte, & Jeff

Christmas Eve at Grandma Melanie & Jeff's house

Signed U of M hockey stick from Uncle Jake


Grandma Melanie & Freyja

Being goofy!

Freyja loves her uncles!


Our family of 3

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