Sunday, April 13, 2014

November 2013 Recap

Freyja turned 15 months, and she discovered the joy in scribbling with pens on paper. She celebrated two Thanksgivings- one a "Steaksgiving" a week early at Nick's mom's house (Grandma Melanie) and the second down at my grandparent's farm in Worthington. Freyja slept two nights in the pack and play. The first night she acted like she knew she wasn't at home and seemed uneasy about this, but she adjusted and did better the second night. My grandparents were wonderful hosts and tolerated having our dog and my brother's dog. Unfortunately my brother wasn't feeling well and left a day early. My cousin Alicia is finishing her last year of medical school, so it's fun hearing about her experiences. Freyja was spoiled with lots of attention, and even some early Christmas presents!

Steaksgiving! From L to R--Melanie, Jeff, Sam, Jake, Nick, Emily, Freyja

Happy 28th birthday, Uncle Sam!



Nick, Jeff, Sam & Jake

Emily, Melanie, & Freyja

Grandma Melanie & Freyja


Gasthof riding in the back
Looking at a photo album

Grandma Deb & Freyja
Starting to appreciate the arts :)

"Talking" on her play phone on the way home


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