Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another Tragic Event That God Wants To Happen

This post is in response to the Elementary School shooting that occurred December 14, 2012, two days ago.

I have sympathy for anybody, anywhere that lost somebody recently. I can only be angry that the news doesn't carry anyone's personal loss. I will miss my friends and family more than people involved in random tragedies. 

For perspective, there are 7.059 billion people on this earth. When we are gone, we will not be missed. Those 26 deaths are approximately 0.0000000037% of the world population. We will survive.

Is my own death more or less significant? I'm not Bill Gates. I haven't given thousands of Africans mosquito nets. Should I hope the president sheds a tear?

Just based on the law of averages, your death will not have a press conference, a 21 gun salute or media attention (aside from a blurb in the local obituaries). 

Either God was incapable of preventing this recent tragedy from happening, or God allowed it to happen.  Either he isn't all-powerful, or he's a being that I don't care to worship.

Because in the infinity of possibility, it would be foolish to say there is no god, I will just have to accept that the religions I am familiar with have no guidance better than my own common sense and judgement.

Within the thoughts that I am capable of having, if He exists, it is beyond human comprehension, and all worldly religions have got it wrong somewhere or another.  Just live your life to the fullest in harmony with others.

In the meantime, I plan to follow two simple rules.  If they get me into an afterlife then it's great, if they don't, then perhaps I don't want that life.

1. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.
2. Appreciate what you have. If you show a genuine appreciation to the people you're are around, people will appreciate you.