Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back!

Don't I look like I'm getting bigger?
Hi! This is Gasthof again. I snuck onto mom's computer last night while she made chocolate chip cookies. Maybe I'll try to sneak one later, but she says I can't have chocolate.
I graduated from Level 1 obedience a few weeks ago and started on Level 2. I wish I could play with the other dogs....our teacher says we can't play with the other dogs afterward because then we wouldn't pay attention and would just want to play. But I like going to class because I get lots of treats and attention from both my mom and dad. I can tell they love me.
I overheard mom and dad talking about me today. They said that I seemed to grow up in the last week. They said I have started acting more mature, whatever that means!
Me and Dad on the farm!

I have been around more people in the last week, and I love the attention! I love everyone. I got petted, I licked lots of hands, and gave lots of kisses. Some people said they don't know why I lick so much, but their hands taste so good, like all the food they eat. I even got to try grandma's famous turkey and mashed potatoes! I can't wait to go back to the farm again! Maybe I'll get to go there in the spring time...and maybe mom and dad will even let me chase a rabbit. They didn't let me off the leash for very long this time...the one time they did, they kept calling my name, but I could hardly hear them--I smelled the best smell and did not want to leave. I don't get why they didn't want to come smell it too. I kept trying to call their name but it seemed like they didn't get it. Parents.
Aren't I cute?
I didn't have time to finish this yesterday, because mom came back too soon from making the cookies. She watched the Vikings game and I slept through the whole thing. Even though I have a Vikings dog tag, football is boring to me...why would I want to watch guys throwing and running with a ball, when I can't play along? I would rather nap and have good puppy dreams where I run off-leash through the fields chasing birds and bunnies and nap under the afternoon sun. Now that is what I call entertainment.
Mom and dad have been busy lately planning for a wedding. They're getting married! Mom has been busy on her computer and looking through books after work. I even heard them talking about me joked around that my last name is Clark until they get married, while dad said that it's always been Kremer. They're silly...when would I even use a last name? At class, the teacher and everyone else just calls us by our first name. I guess dogs are similar to singers like Madonna and special we don't need a last name.
I overheard mom saying to dad "Our dog is a wimp". I'm not sure what that means...she said that I didn't want to go outside to go to the bathroom because it was raining. I don't like to go outside in cold weather unless mom or dad goes out there too. Today, I teased her by walking outside for a few seconds, then running back in. Then I even made her walk ALL the way down the stairs before I would come outside. I ran down the stairs, took care of business, then darted back inside to play with my toys. It's cold out there! I think she forgets that I used to be homeless in Iowa....when it's cold outside and I'm all alone, I get scared. But if mom comes outside with me, I don't feel scared because I know that I can follow her back inside...or even beat her to the door. Having four legs makes me speedy! I'm faster than mom, and she's a lot older than me.
See, I'm no wimp! I like the snow when mom plays with me!

Well, I should probably might get done working soon, and I want to go play with my toys. Hope everyone is staying warm! 

Licks and kisses,
   (   )

Monday, November 1, 2010

A busy week

It's been a busy week, and I hate to admit it, but today was the first day taking Gasthof for a run in almost a week. I didn't have to work last Tuesday since I worked the previous weekend, so I ended up sleeping 12 hours Monday night. I STILL didn't feel better (sinus pressure, congestion...etc...all the fun stuff) but I was lucky and got an appointment the same day I called, was diagnosed with a sinus infection, and was started on a 10-day course of antibiotics and Flonase nasal spray. Nick was having all the same symptoms, but refused to make a doctor's appointment until he found out what my doctor said. I told him to make the appointment so he could make sure they still had appointments available. He wished my doc could just prescribe him antibiotics too without having to see him, but it doesn't work like that! Anyway, my doctor said that sinus infections take longer to get over because we have poor blood supply to our sinuses (and thus it takes longer to heal). I never knew that but it makes sense! I also learned that even though Flonase is a steroid nasal spray, it just stays within the sinuses so it doesn't have the negative side effects like oral steroids (prednisone and other ones). Nick was lucky and got an appointment for Wednesday and was started on the same antibiotics. Sharing is good in relationships, except when it comes to illnesses!

Both of us are feeling better, but I still noticed sinus pressure and congestion. I don't want to be stuck in Europe and have this get worse, but I also don't want to be on medication I don't need. The current plan is that my doctor wrote me a "just-in-case-I-need-it-if-I'm-not-feeling-better-by-Friday" prescription for Z-pack (5 day course of antibiotics). I wouldn't let my sinus infection ruin my trip to Paris and London, but it would be even more enjoyable to be over this sinus infection :-) Now I wonder what Nick will do...not sure if he will call his doctor too, or if he is feeling enough better that he's not going to worry about it.

On top of trying to get over being sick, both Nick and I had a busy work week last week, I was trying to learn French, we were trying to plan our trip to Paris/London, and get his apartment packed and cleaned because his lease ended October 31st.

Guys have many great attributes, and I hate to stereotype...but sometimes they are not the best planners (or communicators of their plans!). Nick had mentioned that he would like it if I helped him pack, but he did not ask me about a particular day. On Thursday I offered to help with some of the larger items (bookshelf or something) since my mom was lending me her CRV. When I called to let him know I was on my way around 8ish, I find out that his mom is already at his apartment helping him pack. He informs me that he planned on getting most of the stuff out of his apartment that day. I had no idea! I thought I was just helping a little...:-) Anyway, I wasn't upset, just caught off guard. On our way to my house around 10:30 we were driving separate cars (I was driving his car, he was driving my mom's CRV), and we were coming around a curve in the highway when all of a sudden I see some cars breaking in both the right and middle lanes. I didn't have much time, but I noticed a car up ahead not moving in the middle lane. I tapped on my brakes, thinking I would get Nick's attention as he was driving behind me, then quickly moved into the left lane...I am looking both ahead and behind at the same time. I was scared to watch--like a horror movie--almost expecting Nick to slam into the car. Thankfully, the rest did not play out like a movie. Nick was able to move into the right lane and miss the stalled car. A chill ran throughout my body and I breathed a sigh of relief and silently said a prayer of gratitude that we were all I write this, I realize that at the time it happened I didn't even think to call 911...I am not the type to think "oh, someone else will call"...but at the time I was so focused on how grateful I was that we were both okay and still getting over the shock of it that I did not think to call. At the end of the night after we were unpacked, I could not find my wallet anywhere. I had already drove my mom's car to her place, picked up my car, and drove home. Over the course of the night I had driven three vehicles and been to three places. I finally gave in and drove back to my parents...and sure enough, my wallet was sitting in the front seat. This would not be the time to lose my wallet before leaving the country!

On Friday we went to a friend's Halloween party. It was nice to be with friends...and one of my favorite parts about parties is the food! Alexa and Josh's baby is now 5 months old...she's now giggling and saying sounds like mama. How fun!

On Saturday I helped Nick move, I unpacked some items, did the dishes and laundry, and cleared out my closets of all the random linen (towels, wash cloths, bedding, pillows...sorted them and stored them in the linen closet (once that was clean!!) It felt nice to have the main floor clean! I was either packing or working from 10:30 am till 10:30pm and only sat down for riding in the car, and one 15-min nap.

On Sunday I slept in a little, and decided to go to church even though I would be 20 minutes late. My aunt & uncle said I didn't miss much. I made it in time for the offering, a few hymns, and the that's pretty good. I had been looking at a few other churches in the area, but I really like how comfortable I feel at the church in which I grew up. I know a lot of people there. Most of the people I know are adults ages 40 to 90, and then some of the middle and high school children (I babysat or helped with Sunday School for quite a few of the high schoolers when they were it is fun to see them grown up!) I went over to my grandmother's house after church to celebrate my parents' and aunt's birthday. When I was younger I took Sunday lunches for granted, but now that I'm older I am VERY impressed by my grandma and the meals she can put together. She didn't know how many people were coming, but she seemed so relaxed! She tried out a recipe called "American Legion Funeral Hot dish". I got a kick out of the name. My mom and aunt wanted to rename it, but I don't think it's a bad name. Anyway, after the busy week I had, I didn't have much energy left, but somehow I was able to wait to take a nap until 5pm. Nick had to work most of the day on Sunday because of the upcoming trip, so my mom helped with handing out the Halloween candy. Gasthof got so excited the first time that I lost my grip and he ran up and jumped on the door. Thankfully he didn't scare the kids, but at least it's Halloween! I had treats ready to give Gasthof if he sat at the top of the stairs and waited nicely, but I made a mistake and put the treats on top of one of the speakers in the living room. Gasthof tried to get the treats and in doing so he knocked over the speaker, which knocked over the lamp, which broke the glass lamp shade, which broke the light bulb. I cleaned up the mess and mom kept Gasthof away...I didn't know till Nick told me that the light bulb has mercury in it. Nothing I can do about it now, I guess, except not throw away the light bulb in the regular trash.

On an ending note, towards the end of our run Gasthof and I were about to cross the street from the park over to the sidewalk, crossing a busy 30 mph street at the bottom of a hill. Two boys were riding skateboards and two were riding a bicycle (one wearing a mask). Gasthof got so spooked by the skateboard as we were about to cross the street. I fell into the street, lost the grip on the leash, and Gasthof ran across the street onto the sidewalk. For the second time in a week I prepared myself for the worst. I yelled "Gasthof" and "wait" and walked over to him. Thankfully he didn't run into the street again and waited for me. I now know to keep a stronger grip on Gasthof if we are around skateboards or bikes!

Time to go to obedience training! Both Nick and I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday...then it's off to Paris and London! Hope everyone had a safe weekend!