Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lessons of a Mother, #2

We had a nice weekend with friends and family. I sure do love the weekends! Mondays are especially hard to say goodbye to Freyja at daycare,  but I really do think I appreciate the time I have with her even more...at least that's what I tell myself ;) I obviously have had more than just two lessons as a mother, but here is the second one that I have written up on my blog. Pictures to be added later :)

Lesson #2--You do the best you can with what you have (both literally and figuratively):

Yesterday Nick packed my pump supplies and he forgot the little yellow things and membranes that go on the inside of the pump. I tried to jerry-rig (spell?) something using scotch tape and a bandaid, but to no avail! Maybe if I were an engineer--but that's all I really had access to in the room I was pumping in. So, needless to say, yesterday was a little frustrating. I spent too long trying to get it to work, then I had to hand pump--so I didn't have much time to eat lunch.  Nick ended up buying a $10 replacement parts kit at Target and bringing it to me in the late afternoon. Work was so busy and I ended up with a migraine, but thankfully I now have a medication to take if needed. It has been a lifesaver, especially considering I get a migraine about 2-3 times per month. I have noticed it usually happens on busy days and holidays (Christmas, New Years' Eve), so I am thinking they are triggered in part by stress. Holidays can be great, but often are not without stress!

I have had some changes at work, which have been stressful, but which I think will improve in the near future. At work I have been told I need to work on my confidence--and this will help improve my communication with my coworkers and doctors. I am trying to hold my head up and work on myself, while reminding myself we all have areas of weakness.  I had a good talk with many great women in my family (my mother, mothers-in-law, and my grandma) and they were very encouraging and supportive.

In the past week when I felt flustered or frustrated, I thought about the example I wanted to be for Freyja. In the future I can use this situation from which to teach her to respond to adversity with kindess rather than anger, and to be open-minded to change. I am surprised how much it really helps thinking of how I want to be a good role model for her.

I didn't choose to have a child so I would be a better person, and I know it's important to improve for my own sake--but there is nothing wrong with having a little extra motivation! :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Everyone in the house was sleeping except for me, so I used this rare opportunity to relax, eat a variety of snacks, and look at professional photographs taken by http://www.megandaasphoto.com.

I looked at our engagement pictures, our wedding pictures, and Freyja's newborn pictures. I also looked at pictures from our honeymoon. It's fun to look back on such great memories, and to think about great memories to come.

Freyja woke up and wanted to eat before I went to bed, but it was worth it to relax. I needed some time just for me!

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Finally Friday!

I feel like this week has gone by so slowly, and not in a "I can get more done" kind of slow way that I would like! I have still been just as busy. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought it was Saturday morning, meaning I could sleep in. I got so excited, then realized it was Friday and I still had to go to work in the morning.
Freyja acts tired starting around 7pm, and by 7:45 or 8pm she is not interested in playing or doing much of anything...but she won't sleep! She rubs her eyes and acts tired, and we try rocking her to sleep, but she usually doesn't stay asleep long. I know it's just a phase, but it's still no fun! One night she stayed up with Nick until 11:30pm. She has been consistently sleeping in her crib, except for the occasional nap in my arms when I feed her in the middle of the night and we both fall asleep! When I wake up, I put her back in her crib. The bassinet fits between our bed and the wall and is the perfect height to act as a railing to keep her from falling out of bed. While I never originally thought I would be ok with her occasionally sleeping in my arms--it just happened occasionally due to sleep depreviation, especially after returning to work--I have always woken up lying on my back with her in my right or left arm, without any pillows or sheets up by her face.

Freyja is finally over her diaper rash and I am so relieved. That was miserable for everyone! Since it's not recommended to use diaper cream or ointment while using cloth diapers, I haven't gotten to try out my new stash from last weekend. I look forward to trying them out this weekend assuming the diaper rash doesn't return!

Freyja has been increasing her palate and has tried the following foods so far:
-apples and applesauce
-bananas mixed with peaches
-green beans
-white beans
-few licks of a popsicle, which is just sugar water more than a food!

I think we will stay away from some meat for a little while longer, as the daycare provider thinks that might be what gave her an upset stomach and massive blow-out.

Despite the lack of sleep and the long week, I can't really complain. I enjoy watching Freyja learn and grow, I love my family and friends, and I feel very blessed to have a wonderful husband and daughter with whom I can share each day.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How my life has changed...

Written early March 2013

I don't have much "free time" at home to write in this blog, but since I forgot to pump a second time until after finishing my work for today, I figured I would multitask.

I thought about writing down ways in which my life has changed since having Freyja. At first I was thinking about writing a list "positives and negatives of being a parent," but realized it's not so much negatives as it is just a different lifestyle that is sometimes difficult but most times is a wonderful blessing. Maybe when she is going through the difficult teen years I will write about the negatives ;)

I figure the easiest way to write about changes is to think about my typical day and week and go from there.

1. I used to get 7-9 hours of consecutive sleep each night. Between when I go to bed and when I get up for work is about 7 to 8 hours, but I am awoken at least two or more times in the middle of the night by a hungry little girl. I have a new definition of a "full night's sleep." An extra 5 to 10 minutes of sleep with the snooze alarm is a must many mornings...but I am trying to break this habit.

2. I feel spoiled when I get an uninterrupted bath or shower of more than 5 or 10 minutes.

3. I have a new appreciation for dairy cows. Producing milk for another being is a big time commitment  but is definitely worth it when I consider the benefits of breast milk  It is a great way for Freyja to get antibodies and strengthen her immune system, and has been good bonding as well. It definitely hasn't been easy, but I am glad that we stuck with it!

4. Except for on the weekends, I eat my breakfast on my way to work--usually a bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter--when I am in stop and go traffic on the entrance ramp. Not the healthiest choice, but for now it works. I am trying to develop a taste for steel cut oats, but I'm just not there yet.

5. I have a lot to remember in the morning--including packing my pump supplies, lunch, extra diapers/wipes/clothes for Freyja--the most importance of which is Freyja :) I have never forgotten the latter, but have forgotten everything else at least once.

6. I call daycare once per day while I am at work because I miss Freyja and like to hear about how she is doing. It's usually just a 30-second call, but it helps me get through my work day without worrying about her.

Last Week's Top 10

Freyja had a big week last week! I may be forgetting a few things, but here is a "Top 10" List:

1. Started a new daycare on Monday (2/25)
2. Rolled over from back to stomach on Tuesday
3. Sat unassisted for a few minutes on Tuesday (and continues to do very well at this)
4. Said "dada" on Wednesday (she likely doesn't know what it means, but she can immitate us!)
5. Tried (and enjoyed) mashed potatoes on Thursday
6. Started getting horrible diaper rash on Friday (which was miserable for her, Nick, and me!)
7. Went to a bakery and went shopping (for new cloth diapers) on Saturday with Auntie Julie Ann
8. Went to Mary & Nick's cabin and spent the night on Saturday.
9. This weekend she started making the "M" sound (mmmMa).
10. Celebrated great-grandma Marilyn's 82nd birthday on Sunday.

I hope we have another fun week! (minus the diaper rash...which is still there, but getting better. Often can come on when introducing solid foods, which we did recently). Her daycare provider got strep throat this weekend so we are crossing our fingers that she doesn't get sick.