Monday, April 29, 2013

8 Months Old

Freyja is 8 1/2 months old--and I can't believe that in two weeks she will be 9 months old! This year (2013) has flown by...I am in disbelief that Wednesday is the first of May!

Freyja hasn't had as bad of a cold this month, but she went to the doctor on 4/5/13 and was diagnosed with her first ear infection (right ear). I knew something wasn't right when she was very fussy at night and didn't want to be set down. She was on 10 days of amoxicillin (antibiotic).

A few days after she completed the antibiotics she still didn't seem like herself but it wasn't as blatantly obvious as the first time. She was more fussy in the evening and hitting at her ear & head again. During the day she was happy and playful, but still refused much of her bottles and just wanted to eat food. She didn't act satisfied though, and had an upset stomach one of the days. I should have listened to my gut, but the weather was bad on 4/19/13 and I told myself she was probably fine. I scheduled her an appointment with the doctor on Monday, but by Sunday (4/21) I knew I needed to bring her in. Turns out she had an ear infection still, and this time it was in BOTH ears. Poor Freyja!

I think if she had been feeling better, she may already be crawling by now--but I'm in no hurry. On Saturday, April 20, I spent some of my birthday cleaning and getting ready for when Freyja becomes more mobile, which is coming soon. Freyja has been scooting backwards for a few weeks and is quick at turning around and has recently started pulling herself up onto her knees. I would like to get our house cleaner for my own sanity too. It is a work in progress--but we're getting there!

Nick and I got out last week and celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. It was nice to get out of the house just the two of us and enjoy a nice, relaxing dinner! Thanks to Grandma Melanie for babysitting :)

A few fun Freyja facts:

1. She likes to bounce and clap to the music (or even to mom's singing!)

2. She is a little more skeptical of visitors but warms up quickly.

3. If she wants your attention, she knows how to get it by babbling loud or evening a little dramatic cry.

4. At urgent care on 4/21 she weighed 17 lbs 4 oz. She is getting heavier to carry around. I tried the Boba carrier the other day, and look forward to trying it with her on my back (I hear it's easier on your back).

5. Her typical bedtime is between 8:30 & 9:00pm

6. She spends most of the night sleeping in her crib (only occasionally sleeping in my arms if I fall asleep after I feed her!) and sleeps with a small blanket.

7. Maybe not a "fun fact" but woth mentioning...we have been using cloth diapers for the most part, but in April while she was on antibiotics, we have used quite a few disposable diapers. I'll let you guess why!

8. She loves food and gets annoyed if it's past her "normal" dinner time--and she will let us know. When I am eating a snack, she is interested in what I am eating. I try to have her eat when we are eating, but it just depends on if our dinner is ready or not. Even though I like food too, I feed her first :)

9. She takes about 3-4 naps per day (morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon/on the way home from daycare). On the weekend, she probably only takes 2-3 naps but usually they are longer ones. It depends if a car ride is involved--if she is overtired, that can help put her to sleep!

10. In 24 hours, from midnight to midnight, she probably breastfeeds 5 times, and I pump twice at work. She eats 3 meals of solid foods. She doesn't really know how to use a sippy cup yet (doesn't know to tip it back) but can take sips from a cup with my help. She likes to feed herself sometimes, and knows right where the spoon goes. Sometimes she uses the wrong end of the spoon :)

11. She notices Gasthof and has been reaching out to pet him, and sometimes giggles when he licks her. I don't encourage him licking her face, but I don't worry too much either.

12. If she is fussy and doesn't want to play with her toys and she has already been fed, I usually carry her around while I do the laundry or dishes, for example, and that appeases her for a while. It's rare that she fusses in my arms--unless I am trying to clean her face or something.

13. It is hard to keep her glasses on, but we are doing our best. The strap helps, but the earpiece keeps getting loose. It's a nuisance, but oh well.

14. Freyja loves to say "da, da, da, da" and she has a very sing-songy voice. It's super cute. She sometimes says "mama" but likes to say "dada" more. It's easier to say...and Nick loves it.

15. She likes to stick out her long tongue (down) when eating, and curls it up towards her nose when smiling--it's pretty cute.

16. She puts everything into her mouth. This is typical for her age, but my mom seems to forget this stage for her kids. So someday when Freyja has kids, I can look back and see that she did it too ;)

17. I am glad that she still doesn't mind the carseat and takes naps on her way home from daycare. She will outgrow this carseat soon enough...and then we will have to get one that stays in the car. Now that it's nice out, I plan to take her in the stroller and have her sitting up without being in the carseat (which currently attaches to the stroller).

18. I enjoy reading her a book or two every night (Nick usually reads one too), and I never get sick of giving her hugs and kisses.

19. I miss her while I am at work--but I enjoy interacting with adults and the time flies by!

20. Freyja enjoys her buddies at daycare...and pretty soon, her friend will be joining her at the same daycare!

That's it for now...I'll try to add pictures later. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

7 months old!

Freyja is 7 1/2 months old, and if I don't get writing this soon, she will be 8 months before I know it!

We didn't make it to any Easter celebration this year because of a cold. Sleep, fluids, and relaxation--the basics--really helped. Plus cuddling with Freyja and Nick :) Now Freyja is almost all better, I am on the mend, and Nick is home sick with the cold. I guess it's good we weren't all miserable on the same day, as Nick took care of me over the weekend and now I can carry some of the load today.

I got the following toy at a garage sale for $1 last year...and it was money well spent!


Freyja and her friend, Amira
Freyja has recently learned how to self-soothe. Just recently, even if we lie her down sleepy but awake, she has fallen asleep in her crib with her pacifier (and sometimes a blanket too. I know it's not recommended for under a year, but sometimes you just have to break the "rules"). At times we have been using the Sleep Sheep again to associate it with sleeping, but it's not required for her to fall asleep. I don't mind that she uses the pacifier when sleeping--in fact, it lowers SIDS risk, I hear. She doesn't use the pacifier when playing--mostly just when sleeping/resting or in her car seat. I mentioned to Nichole at daycare that I noticed her find her pacifier when she woke up in her carseat the other day on a walk, and she fell back asleep. Nichole said Freyja also started self-soothing at daycare too, which is great. I think this will help her feel more rested as she can put herself back to sleep, rather than prolonging the process and requiring someone to rock her to sleep, for example.

Freyja likes to have fun with Amira

Freyja has been getting tired between 7 & 7:30 and usually falls asleep between 8 & 9 pm. It really just depends on the day. Sometimes I think she wants to stay up to hang out with us and it's more exciting than sleeping, even though she may be tired. On the days she has stayed up till 9:30, the following day she usually just takes an earlier or longer nap at daycare to make up for it. While we have a bedtime routine, I don't worry too much about the exact bedtime. To get ready for bed, our current routine is:

1. Change her into her nighttime cloth diaper (a BumGenius pocket diaper with extra liner stuffed in) and put her in PJs.
2. Recently added--brush her gums (no teeth yet!)
3. Read a book (currently, "Peek-a Who?"--she seems to really like it),
4. Turn off the lights in her room, the bathroom, and the living room (she is now figuring what the light switch does but hasn't turned them off yet by herself)
5. Breastfeed
"I'm as cute as my aunt"
6.She then gets her pacifier, a blanket to cuddle with, and I rock her, bounce her, or just pat her side or bottom and she falls asleep in my arms. Rarely does Nick put her to sleep--since I can easily feed her more if she gets squirmy or isn't quite ready to sleep. She seems to like going to sleep with a full belly. Who can blame her? :)

Many nights are a blur and I have woken up with Freyja in my arms, not knowing when I last fed her or when she woke up! However, in the past week, Freyja has been doing better at sleeping. (EDIT: She slept well last night, but I still remember waking up to feed her around 3am, I fell asleep, and when I woke up and looked at the clock it was 5:20 and she was still asleep in my arms!). I guess I'm still not out of the woods in regards to sleep deprivation!

Thankfully, Freyja has been sleeping longer between feedings. On Sunday night she slept from 9 pm to 3:30 am without waking up to eat! Then she proceeded to cluster feed:
3:30 am: eat, sleep till 5:45
5:45 am: eat, sleep till 6:45
6:45 am: eat, play, get ready for daycare.

Although she sometimes wakes often to eat, I am VERY RELIEVED that she goes back to sleep without difficulty. The only time she is awake for more than 10 minutes at a time in the middle of the night is when her cough keeps her up Thankfully that didn't happen this weekend.
First trip to the library this spring!
Happy Freyja :)

Here are some tidbits about the past few weeks:

1. Freyja recently learned how to clap. It's very cute!

2. Freyja acts very interested in eating solid foods. Nick and I need to go shopping soon to get more foods for her to try. Here are some foods she has tried:

-Green beans
-Kidney and white beans

She loves to help brush her "teeth" a
I usually "make" much of her baby food at home, as in I don't buy the baby food in a jar. It's cheaper that way, and easier for figuring out portions. Right now we have a number of different vegetables to choose from in the freezer, so I can just cook how much she needs and blend it in a tiny food processor. Last year when I bought some baby clothes on craigslist, the mom gave me a food processor made for small portions. It's super handy! Most evenings I have been giving her a fruit and a vegetable, and sometimes mix the fruit in with oatmeal (which is fortified with iron). Pretty soon I will be pureeing meat too, and eventually giving her many of the things we eat. She can't have dairy just yet, so it is a little limiting still.

3. Her weight yesterday was 16 lbs 7 oz. She jumped up on the charts and her weight is now in proportion with her height and head circumference. The doctors were never worried, but it was still nice to see. Like her mama, she likes to eat!

4. Freyja continues to pull off her glasses frequently ever since they tried to adjust the sizing (just in case you were wondering why in some pictures she is wearing her glasses and in some she is not). We are working on this!

Ok, I know there is more to say--but I better save this before I forget. I'm glad that I am keeping track of these things now, because I can see how it would be easy for it all to become a blur :) However, even if I don't remember the little things, I will never forget a few things:
1. The sleep deprivation
2. My big appetite with breastfeeding
3. My love for Freyja
4. How much I have enjoyed watching Nick as a father and how much I enjoy being a mother.