Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Toddler "Throne"

Asking for a "wipe"
Written March 19, 2014:
Those who are parents can possibly relate more, but guess what is one of Freyja's new favorite toys?

The potty!

She hasn't gone yet, but she showed interest in trying to sit on our toilet, so I got out the toddler sized one for her to try. Sure enough, she didn't go to the bathroom but she got on and off, opened and closed the toilet seat, tried to "wipe", said all done and waved good bye to the toilet like she does when we flush the pee down the toilet. She did this routine for as long as I let her (twenty minutes) & now we are getting ready for bed.
She loves to try to help with getting dressed and especially loves shoes and boots. As I child I wasn't big on dress up and shoes, so I think this is part of Nick's genes!

We are in no rush to start potty training. Our main goal is for her to feel comfortable in the bathroom and with sitting on the toilet. We definitely don't want to shame her, so we are just being positive...if she wants to sit and try--great--if not, no big deal. When we have let Freyja run around without a diaper, occasionally she has peed on the floor. She got upset about this (whining and pointing at it), but we just acted like it's not a big deal, and she was comforted by that. It's great how kids can really follow your lead!

 I debated whether or not to post pictures to go along with it, but I decided they are discreet enough. It's these sweet, innocent moments of toddlerhood that I love, and pictures are the best way to capture some moments! I think if Freyja sees this picture 15 years from now, she will agree. After all, she is a mix of Nick and me!
UPDATE (4/13/14): Freyja still likes to sit on the potty, but is less excited by it. She hasn't yet gone to the bathroom on it, so I don't think she understands to sit on the toilet when she has to go. She changes so fast, so we will see what the spring brings!


Saying "bye bye" (although she didn't go!)

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